ELETTRONICA GENSALE ENRICO respects the legislation in favor of the consumer on purchase contracts that occur outside of business premises (DIRECTIVE 2011/83 / EU OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL). The deadline to exercise this right is 14 working days from receipt of goods (as attested by the delivery note receipt, available also online with Tracking Number of shipping) within which the customer must notify us via email at

To exercise this right, within this period, the customer must send an e-mail with a request for withdrawal which will be necessary to indicate the name of the person who made the purchase, the number of the receipt and the date of purchase.

It is cautioned that this right can be exercised only by private consumers, for all purchases made for purposes unrelated to business or professional. So, if you insert a reference to VAT in the order form, the customer will lose that right.

Always within 14 working days must be sent to ELETTRONICA GENSALE ENRICO all goods purchased, whole, in original packaging. ELETTRONICA GENSALE ENRICO exercises the discretion not to accept the goods are missing, accessories, manuals, and if the goods have suffered damage or has undergone alterations to its original characteristics.

Costs of return shipping is paid by the customer and any additional fees charged to the return shipment by Customs or the carrier will be deducted from the total refund.

Return fees and the means which use will be charged to the customer's responsibility and will not be compensated by ELETTRONICA GENSALE ENRICO if the goods were lost or damaged.

Upon receipt of the goods we will issue a credit note for the total or partial (after inspection and inspection of the goods) excluded initial shipping costs.

The deadline of repayment begins 14 days from the receipt of goods by ELETTRONICA GENSALE ENRICO.

The terms of reimbursement are the same with which you made the payment by the customer (Paypal or Bank Transfer), the bank must be sent ELETTRONICA GENSALE ENRICO by the customer to the email

To request further information please send an email to

ELETTRONICA GENSALE ENRICO Via O.Nesi 5-59100 Prato PO Italy CFGNSNRC65M28G999X PI01831570971




The customer can buy products in the electronic catalog and is available at, as described in the relevant information sheets. ELETTRONICA GENSALE ENRICO reserves the right to change the technical information of products to match those provided by the manufacturers without having to give prior notice. The image on a product may not be fully representative of its characteristics.
The correct order is confirmed by ELETTRONICA GENSALE ENRICO through e-mail, sent to the email address supplied by the customer.

The CUSTOMER can make the payment in the following ways:
- Credit card (also prepaid cards) via PayPal
- Paypal through access to registered users
- Bank transfer

Credit card and PayPal
The payment system PayPal does not necessarily involve the customer is registered to PayPal.
They accept payments with credit cards belonging to VISA, VISA Electron and Mastercard. They also accepted the prepaid cards belonging to the same circuits and credit cards American Express through PayPal payment gateway.
If the customer is registered to PayPal, it is expected to have associated with one or more credit cards. The customer, upon payment, is redirected to PayPal's secure servers where it can make the payment by entering your access data. The amount of the order is debited from the customer's PayPal account and credited to the account of ELETTRONICA GENSALE ENRICO
To ensure maximum security, payment transactions occur through the PayPal secure server, therefore, credit card numbers are not stored by the customer ELETTRONICA GENSALE ENRICO

ELETTRONICA GENSALE ENRICO is not responsible for any fraudulent or illegal use that may be caused by third parties, credit card upon payment of the products purchased.
In no time of the purchase ELETTRONICA GENSALE ENRICO is able to know the buyer's credit card number.

Bank transfer
If paying by bank transfer in advance, sending the goods it will only take place when the actual crediting to c /o ELETTRONICA GENSALE ENRICO payment of goods must be within 7 working days from the date of acceptance of the expiration where the order is deemed automatically canceled. The purpose of the bank transfer must include the customer's name and the order number received by email. The bank on which credit transfer are:
Bank: BancoPosta
IBAN: IT12 N076 0102 8000 0100 4229 827 - BIC: ICRAITRRXXX

For "time of order fulfillment" it means the amount of time that elapses from order entry to delivery of the product to the carrier. This is the time necessary to pack the products and deliver them to the carrier. The processing times, for the majority of cases, ranging from 24 to 48 hours. In case of payment by bank transfer, processing times are calculated from the time of actual receipt of payment on c / c ELETTRONICA GENSALE ENRICO

For "delivery time" is the time that the carrier takes to deliver the goods to the customer. Delivery time is 3/14 working days excluding the day of shipment. No responsibility can be attributed to ELETTRONICA GENSALE ENRICO in case of delay in delivery of goods ordered. It is advisable to carefully check the packaging at the time of withdrawal. If there were any doubts about the integrity of packages, withdraw putting the word WITHDRAWAL SUBJECT TO INSPECTION.

Italian Post (Registered mail)
The shipment of goods is by post Italaiane The supplier disclaims all liability relating to the non-delivery or loss of the package. Upon delivery of the goods by the courier, the CUSTOMER is required to check that the packaging is not damaged or wet or otherwise altered.
Any external damage or the mismatch in the number of items or information on the transport document must be immediately reported to the carrier making the delivery, adding on the appropriate document the words "subject to removal because the package is damaged" or " Delivery incomplete because it lacks one neck. " In any case the CUSTOMER, even if the packages present themselves free from damage and alterations, may reserve at a later time to control the integrity of the goods contained in the packages; in which case the CUSTOMER must indicate "necks intact - I intend to check the integrity of the content". Once signed the slip, the CUSTOMER can not make any objection about the appearance of the goods. The CUSTOMER must check as soon as possible the goods contained in the packaging and in any case within and not later than 5 calendar days. Any dispute (damaged packages, abnormality or damage caused by transport, goods received the wrong amount or alleged defects) should be confirmed, within 5 calendar days from the date of receipt of the goods by mail to and thereafter by registered mail with return receipt addressed to
Via Nesi, 5
59100 Prato PO Italy

Each alert over these terms will not be considered.
The package will be delivered to the address specified by the customer.
If there will be no one to pick up on delivery, the courier will leave a notice: this notice will be given the necessary communications to provide for the new delivery or collection by the customer.

Transport costs are borne by the Client.

All products marketed by ELETTRONICA GENSALE ENRICO are covered by a 24 month warranty for defects of conformity, according to the Legislative Decree n. 24/02. To use the warranty, the CUSTOMER must keep, along with the purchased goods, the original packaging with any accessori.Il granzia period of 24 months is reserved for private customers, the warranty period for the products billed to customers holding VAT number and that during the order signified their VAT number, it is 12 months.

In case of lack of conformity of the product, the customer must:
1) Send communication , ELETTRONICA GENSALE ENRICO within five days from the date of purchase email to, indicating the person's name or the name of the company that made the purchase, the invoice number or date purchase and the product defect. Please also indicate if you want to change goods or refund reduced transport costs.
2) Return the product in its original packaging, complete in all its parts to limit damage to the original package, transport costs are borne by the customer.
Attention: the guarantee does not apply to failures caused by accidental nature (eg accidents, shock, lightning, power surges, etc.) Or a customer error (as, for example, the use of a ' installation not in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications, use of the product that is harmful to himself, an appropriate use for commercial purposes or collective use of devices and / or accessories and / or consumer products unfit).
Subsequently verifying the integrity of the material received, ELETTRONICA GENSALE ENRICO will refund the purchased material or replacement as per customer's request, within 60 days.
To request further information please send an email to
ELECTRONIC GENSALE ENRICO Via O.Nesi 5-59100 Prato PO Italy CFGNSNRC65M28G999X PI01831570971